We believe Unstoppable Cultures are possible.

We believe…

That Peter Drucker was right when he said that “culture eats strategy for breakfast.”

That unstoppable cultures create high performing organizations.

It’s OK to come to work with a smile, but leave with a bigger one.  

That freedom trumps rules, and that autonomy beats handbooks every day of the week.

That bosses should be mentors not prison guards.

In creating stories worthy of being told.

In Hanover Bear’s experience in the Nashville Airport.

In infusing environments with optimism.

That hard work should not go unnoticed.

In the type of energy that cannot be contained.

That something fun should happen every day.

It’s imperative to be consistent in discipline.

That compassion is more contagious than pink eye.

In intentionally creating space to dream, create, and explore.

In serving others not because we must, but because we can.

That one extra hug is so worth it.

It’s essential to give all employees every tool they need to succeed.

In the Golden Rule.

That employees should feel as proud of their workplace as they do their kids.

In not only showing employees that they are valued, but loved.

In family dinners where employees can’t wait to share about their day.

In an authentic passion for people – for their stories, their hopes, their dreams, and their fears.

In finding turkey sandwiches.

In organizational cultures that put people first, are constantly nourished, and share stories relentlessly.

That any organization can create and sustain a culture of enduring greatness.

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