inger Hardage accepts consulting assignments with leaders and organizations that wish to see their culture transformed and their organizations come to life. Ginger likes to roll up her sleeves and bring a hands-on consulting approach to the clients she accepts.


An overview of areas of focus for Ginger’s consulting include:

Developing the systems to build and sustain a great culture
Helping to inspire a culture of storytelling in your organization
How to practically prioritize people above everything else
Increasing your employee engagement
Creating initiatives to make your brand come alive
Developing programs that allow your employees to act like owners
How to embark on a cultural evolution in your organization
Making your corporate vision come to life
Infusing purpose in all that your organization does

Connecting Human Resources, Marketing and Communications for a unified branding approach


To learn more about Ginger's consulting services, contact Jayson Teagle at or by filling out the form below: